About Us

Pushp Niketan English School is an English Medium private school affiliated to the Maharashtra State Education Board. Apart from strong focus on academics, the school pushes for extraordinary focus on sports and experiential child development.

With the best possible infrastructure for sports and extra-curricular activities, our students have excelled at the national and international level.

The School believes that every child is uniquely talented and given a conducive environment, each will blossom beyond imagination. The School constantly endeavours to harness children’s potential through their active participation in the classroom and earnest involvement in various sports and co-curricular activities.

The School’s education programme is a fine blend of curricular and co-curricular elements, aimed at equipping the children with knowledge, skills and values that will make them happy and successful, and prepare them to be responsible citizens.



At Pushp Niketan English School, children –

  • LEARN to explore new realms of knowledge, skills and values with a sense of curiosity.
  • CREATE the infinite possibilities that the world offers and how they can develop themselves and positively impact the world.
  • SHARE intellectually, develop physically and artistically, and grow emotionally by discovering their inherent potential.